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Did you ever realize
that everything
fulfilling in life
is wild?

“Did you ever realize that everything fulfilling in life is wild?

Have a closer look: Love, consciousness, bliss, orgasm, ecstasy… These are dimensions of union that have one thing in common: they are wild! You can’t manipulate, control or dominate them. If you try to do so, you will see that you cannot take hold of them! The art is to surrender to them in order to fall back into your enlightened state. Through various precious tantric methods, unpredictable situations, using all means possible, WildTantra guides you into this non-dual dimension within you and support you in anchoring yourself into it.

WildTantra is transmitting Tantra as a wild, crazy, unspoiled path of spiritual awakening, without the denial of sexual energy, but with its transformation into an ultimate state of consciousness by tapping into unifying forces. It is an invitation to wake up to the wildness of your body, heart and consciousness! It is for the courageous ones who are not afraid to say yes to all aspects of life. If you are one of them, join us. We take care of waking you up to the power of union within you!

WildTantra by Pema:

“… I call our Tantra the Wild Tantra. Wildness is a misused word that we associate with crazy, unconscious and animalistic behaviors. In my perception we are wild the moment we are out of the mind conditioning that divides. In the mind we try to keep ourselves civilized under codes of behaviors, language, and all kind of rules that make us very divided. From this state we don’t have access anymore to qualities that bring us into unity, such as love for example. From my point of view wildness is dropping out of division and getting in touch with our qualities that unify. Wildness is a state of Consciousness. It is the true civilized state we fall in! Not civilized from the mind which is fake, but from the heart. Wildness is a totally conscious state. Consciousness is the wildest dimension I know. You can’t tame it. Everything inside of you that you cannot tame is wild. Love, bliss – you cannot tame them. They are wild “animals”! You can’t catch them and manipulate them. That is impossible. Tantra is wild, because it brings us constantly in touch with qualities that make us fall into oneness…”

What is Tantra?

“The basic understanding of Tantra is that, contrary what the mind tells us, all polarities in life are not opposites. They are complementary. Male and female, light and darkness aren’t conflicting forces. From that deep insight Tantra has developed meditation techniques that focus our awareness on the union of polarities. One of the most human ways to seek this union is through lovemaking, through sex. When the orgasm happens, the male and female energies meet, melt and give us a glimpse of union. Tantra says that orgasm doesn’t belong to sex, but to our consciousness, to our being. It is an inner space where all opposites, melt and unify: a space of oneness, wholeness. Through sacredness, awareness and love, tantra teaches us how to be in that space in our daily life. Tantric methods are body oriented. They teach us to approach the body as a temple and view the senses as the doors to the inner and outer world. The aim of all these methods is to get consciously in touch with the “point” where inner and outer meet and to relax into it. In this relaxation the expansion of consciousness unfolds. And over the last 5000 years, Indian and Tibetan Tantric Masters have said that this expansion of consciousness is the greatest orgasm that existence can offer us…” Pema

Kaula Heart of All

Energetic force that binds all the Tantricas of the same lineage

“Kaula Heart of All is a science
of human capacities to manifest consciousness…”



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